Windows 7 Mobile Phone

The Windows 7 mobile phone is fairly new to the market but it has quite a bit to offer as far as its features are concerned. That said, the Windows 7 Mobile Phone is one smart phone that claims that it can match up to the iPhone 4- the leading smart phone in the market. Almost every well known network in the country will be offering the Windows 7 Mobile Phone and why not? It seems to be pretty awesome. Because the Windows 7 is literally one of the best operating systems around, it is only natural that the mobile phones will be great as well. Microsoft has taken a completely different approach while developing the Windows 7 Mobile Phone and thank God for that because nobody even remembers their earlier attempts.

Coming back to the point, the Windows 7 Mobile Phone is quite unique as far as the interface is concerned. It stands out from every other phone in the market because it doesn’t have rounded edges- it’s simply rectangular in shape. The icons are quite different as well- they are oversized, square-shaped and colorful, to say the least. The fact that the screen is as flat as possible and that the icons are eye-popping makes the Windows 7 Mobile Phone refreshing.
The features of the phone are organized in a completely new manner as well. They are classified into the following categories- People, Games, Marketplace, Pictures, Office and Music + Video.
Under People, you will find your contacts as well as your notifications from Facebook and your email on hotmail. The Music + Video, of course, runs on the Zune HD but it’s surprisingly easy to use and the sound quality is quite decent.

The best part about the Windows 7 Mobile Phone is definitely the ‘People’ category because it allows users to stay in touch with their friends and family members 24 hours of the day. The only disappointing aspect here is that Twitter isn’t included under this category.
We have left out the best feature for last- the Windows 7 Mobile Phone offers Xbox Live which is basically Xbox on the go. It’s what gamers have been looking forward to since the beginning of time and as long as Microsoft lives up to the potential offered by this application, nothing will be able to stop the Windows 7 Mobile Phone from taking over the iPhone’s market standing.