Smart Phones with Touch Screens

Who doesn’t love touch screens, right? Therefore, when smart phones with touch screens entered the market, it was only expected that they would become popular almost instantly. Smart phones with touch screens came into the limelight when the first Apple iPhone was released. People were literally sitting on the edge of their seats to see what Steve Jobs had come up with and sure enough, it lived up to the hype. The design was nothing like the market had ever seen before and since it was gorgeous to look at, it become a sort of status symbol as well as the time.

Therefore, it was only natural for other companies to jump onto the bandwagon and start developing their own smart phones with touch screens. Most of them don’t match up to the iPhone and have therefore, made customers go running back to their former phones with keypads but there a few out there that are worth buying and experimenting with. That said, the iPhone 4 is definitely one of the most desirable smart phones with touch screens in the market today.

Therefore, apart from the iPhone 4, the HTC Inspire 4G is a great option as far as smart phones with touch screens are concerned. It is surprisingly affordable and the features are quite decent. Even though the speed isn’t anything to write home about, it isn’t too bad either.
The Motorola Atrix 4G, on the other hand, is considered to be one of the better smart phones with touch screens in the market simply because of its excellent speed. The design is also outstanding and because it comes along with a number of optional docks, it becomes all the more desirable.
Other smart phones with touch screens that are worth mentioning are the HTC EVO 4G, the LG Optimus S, the T-Mobile my Touch 4G, the Samsung Galaxy S 4G, the HTC Thunderbolt and the Motorola Droid.

The reason why smart phones with touch screens are as popular as they are is pretty simple to figure out- they are reliable and fast. People today don’t have time to navigate through complicated interfaces- they need everything on the go and that’s exactly what smart phones with touch screens gives them. These phones are definitely must-haves and once you use them, you will not even think about going back to your regular phones with physical keyboards.

Why fight a good thing, right?