Skype for Android

Those Android phones can now have Skype video calls! Skype for Android now brings video calling to the package. Skype 2.1 offers augmented video quality but obviously there is still room for improvement. Only those devices running on Android 2.3 OS have compatibility with video calling, the quality is not as good as that of ooVoo’s but still it is good step taken by Skype.

Skype support has widened its sphere and now encompasses a lot of other devices whereas previously it was only supported by Google Nexus S. You can check out the devices that now support Skype on internet. Even if your device is not listed in the list of devices that support Skype but has Android 2.2 or above, you will still be able to do video calling by going to Skype’s settings, provided you fulfill the application’s technical requirements.

Devices based on Android 2.2 will only be able to utilize the rear camera for video calling even if they have the front facing camera. But those running the Android 2.3 or above have the ability to use front facing camera in video calling, the reason behind is there are no standard APIs for cameras in Android until 2.3. So if you have Android 2.2 and want to do face to face conversation via Skype, you are going to have Android 2.3.

Downloading Skype is pretty easy, if your devices meet all the requirements of the app, just log on to Android Market and download the latest version of Skype. Skype is also available on several other operating systems such as iOS, Windows and OSX.

Once downloaded, create an account on Skype which takes only a couple minutes and you are good to go. The main screen of the app is well designed, elegant and simple; it is composed of Call Phones, Contacts, Profile and Recent Icons. Each of the icons is decently designed. In your Contacts menu all your contacts are listed, and those online are listed above. Each contact is displayed with their current status showing either they are available, busy or offline.

Skype for Android has been improved from its previous versions in terms of voice calls and video calls. Voice calls feel clear without any lag whatsoever and are super fast and easy to place. Skype for Android renders best when it comes to making free calls.