Nokia N9 Smartphone: A Rare And Elegant Phone

Nokia N9 is by far the most fascinating phone you will ever come across. Nokia N9 is a transition between the old Nokia and new Nokia which is planning to set the stage for Nokia Windows Phone. Like Nokia N8 and E7, the Nokia N9 has an industrial design which sets it apart from rest of the smartphone world, but unlike its predecessors Nokia N9 shoves off the old, banal Symbain operating system and uses MeeGo Harmattan software.

We finally got to see what this new innovative operating has to offer. We first came across this rare beast at Nokia’s introductory event that took place in June and although I was not expecting anything from the device I was completely stunned by the intuitive, responsive and fluid interface it had. And it was not just me; everyone who got their hands on it was simply blown away by its beautiful design and the fact that why Nokia was releasing only limited number of these rare beauties. Why only release a few, we asked? Because Nokia is set to shift its smartphone strategy to Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system before finally dismantling the MeeGo OS. Today we will be exploring this rare device as Nokia is going to ship a limited number of these around the globe for it not to interrupt the Nokia’s WP7 launch planned in the upcoming months.

This is nothing short of pure beauty. It is one of those devices that make you fall in love at first sight. Everything about this smartphone feels almost perfect and in harmony. With its squared off top and bottom, Nokia N9’s design looks more like the design of a supercar. Every stroke, ever curve is carefully designed and finished.

A single piece polycarbonate shell, this is what keeps Nokia N9’s electronics part and display under protection, not to mention that same case is used by Lamborghini Gallardo SuperLeggera as it offers immense amount of durability and reliability, the two main components for which Nokia is known for. Another intriguing fact about Nokia N9 is that all of its colors are made up of polymer that matches the external color meaning scratches won’t peel of any paint; rather you will only see more of the same blue, black or pink material.

As the phone comes equipped with Gorilla Glass screen this means it can undergo quite a lot of use and is very rugged. I still have found how to do substantial amount of damage to a Gorilla Glass screen. Beneath this protective screen is an anti-reflective polarizer with an AMOLED display of 854 x 480. Nokia N9 offers a huge 3.9 inch display with a pixel density of 251ppi which is the same as in 3.7 inch Nexus One or HTC Desire.

If you get a chance to see or use the Nokia N9 smartphone, you will most likely be as impressed as we were.