Mobile Number Portability

Humans are dependent on technology for most of their daily chores. Technological advancement has completely revolutionized the world. It is because of technology that our life has become very simple, easy and organized. One such invention of technology that has been integrated into human life very deeply is mobile phones.

When a person buy’s a mobile he or she has to buy a SIM in order to avail the service of some particular network provider. SIM or Subscriber Identification Module binds you to the network of a particular service provider. So, in order to change the service you need to buy a new SIM of your desired service provider. However, changing SIM can have some demerits. For instance, you have to distribute your new number to all your contacts all over again. This can be a very tiring task.

In order to prevent such hassles, one can now take advantage of Mobile Number Portability service which is now being made available all over the world. With the help of Mobile Number Portability you can retain your old mobile phone number while you change your network provider. It is of immense utility for mobile users. However, you need to provide some documents while using this facility.

In order to use Mobile Number Portability service you need to follow the following instructions:

  • Send the following SMS to 1900: PORT<space>Mobile Number
  • Immediately an eight digit alpha-numeric porting code will be provided to you by your network provider. You have to submit this code along with the required essential documents to the network provider you want to opt now.
  • Your new network provider will then consult your existing network provider and your number will be moved to the new network within 24 hours to maximum four days.

The charges for porting your number depend upon the country you are living in. Also, you can change your post-paid number to another service provider with pre-paid services and vice-versa. However, you must clear all your dues before hand. Porting of CDMA number to GSM operator and vice versa is also possible with the help of Mobile Number Portability.

However, there are a few things you must know about Mobile Number Portability service. In order to use Mobile Number Portability service one must have been using the mobile number for more than 90 days. When you port your number, all the remaining balance in your mobile gets lapsed.