Mobile Movies

Since the advent of mankind nothing has influenced human life as much as technology has. Technology has transformed the world and has brought a great change in the way we live our lives. Technology has simplified our work and has made things easy for us and our survival. One such arena in which technology has had the greatest influence is communication. Invention of telephones, cordless phones and in the long run the mobile phones has made communication easy and fast.

Mobile phones have now become an inseparable part of our lives. With so many applications now incorporated into a mobile phone, it has become an even more important device. The applications integrated into mobiles enable you to socialize, enjoy music, play games, send emails, convert currency, etc. There is one such application in the mobiles, known as mobile movies that enable you to download and watch movies on your mobile as and when you want.

Mobile movies are the movies made in the software that can be run on mobile phones. These are the movies can be downloaded from the internet and can be stored in your mobile phones. When at leisure you can watch these movies and entertain yourself. All sorts of movies, such as regional, national and international movies, are available in the form of mobile movies. Movies dubbed in different languages can also be downloaded. High quality and DVD prints are also available.

A number of websites are now accessible on internet that provides you download of mobile movies. However, every website is not safe for use. Before you download a mobile movie ensure that the website is a reliable one. This will prevent downloading of virus along with the movie. Virus can otherwise cause malfunctioning of your mobile or can even damage its software. There are some websites that charge you for downloading the mobile movies while some offer you free download.

Some of the formats in which mobile movies are made include Avi format, 3 gp format and MP4 format. The mobile movies made in these formats can be seen on the mobile having the following players: core codec player, smartmovie player and divx player having divx or xvid codecs. Avi is the most widely used format for making mobile movies. The mobile movies work well in the mobile friendly resolutions. Download your favorite movies on your mobile and watch them anytime and anywhere you desire.