Mobile Games

In the present world technology plays an important role in every sphere of human life. We are dependent on it for our major as well as minor day-to-day activities. One such invention of technology is mobile. Initially invented to make and receive calls, mobiles today have a number of other services and applications as well. These applications and services not only help in communication but are also useful for entertainment and enjoyment.

One such application provided by mobiles for entertainment and enjoyment is games. Mobile game is a video game that is played on mobile phone. Feature phones as well as the smartphones offer you a number of mobile games to play. One of the first mobile game was “Snake” that was available on limited Nokia mobile phones. However, with changing time and advancement in technology many new games are now available on mobile phones.

The mobiles with advanced computing ability, such as the smartphones or high-end phones, have better games available on them as compared to the feature phones or the low-end phones. Also, you can download the games form internet and play them in your mobile phones. A number of websites offer you games that can be downloaded and run on your mobile phones. Some of these websites charge you while some offer you free download.

Internet if full of websites that offer mobile games. However, while downloading the games you must ensure that you are using a safe website or else virus may enter your mobile. This may result in malfunctioning of your mobile or corruption of its software.  To prevent any potential damage to your phone, download the mobile games from a reliable website.

The platform or technology on which the mobile games are developed may differ from one model of the mobile to another. Some of the platform and technology on which mobile games are developed include Palm OS, iPhone OS, Symbian OS, Adobe’s Flash Lite, Google Android, NTT DoCoMo’s DoJa, Windows Mobile, etc.

Most of the games in mobile are meant for single player. They give you an artificially intelligent opponent. However, if you wish to have multiple player games then you can achieve multiplayer functionality with the help of the following services provided by your mobile: 3G, Infrared, Bluetooth, MMS, GPRS, Wi-Fi, AI and wireless LAN. Now you can use your mobile at leisure for entertainment. Download some games today and enjoy playing them on your mobile phone.