Skype For iPhone Means Free Calls From Your iPhone Skype App

There are many apps that can help you connect with your friends and family and help you make video calls and conversations, but Skype is superior to them all. With the help of Skype you can hook up with your friends and family around the globe without spending a single penny. There are other apps such as Apple’s free Face Time but it limits you as you can only call to Apple users, but with Skype can call anyone anywhere free of cost.

With Skype you can make free calls to anyone who has Skype account. Non Skype users such as mobile phones and traditional telephone numbers can be called cheaply by purchasing Skype credits which can be bought from Skype, making sure no one is out of Skype’s reach.

Skype has released Skype 3.0 for iPhone which allows users with an added feature of sending and receiving videos on your iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and 4th generation iPod touch running i OS 4.0 or advanced. As for the remaining devices, i Pad and 3rd generation iPod touch, these cannot send videos but can surely receive them. Video was a long anticipated feature.

The sound quality seemed substantial, we tested it in several ways, and even with the Wi-Fi the quality remained great. In order to have clear idea of other person’s voice we put the volume to maximum and results were same, great and clear. As for Skype 3.5, receiving calls on it is much easier than the previous iterations. In Skype 2.0 you had to launch and keep the app running to receive the calls, which was very much annoying. The new Skype app runs in the background and you can receive calls at any time, provided you stay logged in. The call functions as a standard phone call where you can either receive the audio call, video call if available, or you can reject it.

4G is far superior to 3G when using Skype, for a few reasons. While you will experience fast web page download on 3G, it will not give clear Skype voice transmission because to have clear voice you need low latency and jitter, which are some of the biggest issues of 3G networks. The quality of calls keeps on vacillating, sometimes you will be hearing voice reasonable good but the other party will not be hearing it as good as you are. During our test we found out that 3G Skype worked better outdoors rather than indoors. There were several other issues too, sometimes the voice came earlier followed by video a second or two later. You would find the audio and video quality a bit shabby in the beginning but it soon becomes smooth within few seconds of the call.

But once fully connected and passed the initial shabbiness, video calls proved to be of substantial quality and audio was loud and clear. We tested out Skype 3.5 on iPhone 4S and it worked well.

Overall, Skype for iPhone is a great application that every iPhone owner should check out.

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Posted by Herman Booysen - May 9, 2012 at 4:40 PM

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Skype for Android

Those Android phones can now have Skype video calls! Skype for Android now brings video calling to the package. Skype 2.1 offers augmented video quality but obviously there is still room for improvement. Only those devices running on Android 2.3 OS have compatibility with video calling, the quality is not as good as that of ooVoo’s but still it is good step taken by Skype.

Skype support has widened its sphere and now encompasses a lot of other devices whereas previously it was only supported by Google Nexus S. You can check out the devices that now support Skype on internet. Even if your device is not listed in the list of devices that support Skype but has Android 2.2 or above, you will still be able to do video calling by going to Skype’s settings, provided you fulfill the application’s technical requirements.

Devices based on Android 2.2 will only be able to utilize the rear camera for video calling even if they have the front facing camera. But those running the Android 2.3 or above have the ability to use front facing camera in video calling, the reason behind is there are no standard APIs for cameras in Android until 2.3. So if you have Android 2.2 and want to do face to face conversation via Skype, you are going to have Android 2.3.

Downloading Skype is pretty easy, if your devices meet all the requirements of the app, just log on to Android Market and download the latest version of Skype. Skype is also available on several other operating systems such as iOS, Windows and OSX.

Once downloaded, create an account on Skype which takes only a couple minutes and you are good to go. The main screen of the app is well designed, elegant and simple; it is composed of Call Phones, Contacts, Profile and Recent Icons. Each of the icons is decently designed. In your Contacts menu all your contacts are listed, and those online are listed above. Each contact is displayed with their current status showing either they are available, busy or offline.

Skype for Android has been improved from its previous versions in terms of voice calls and video calls. Voice calls feel clear without any lag whatsoever and are super fast and easy to place. Skype for Android renders best when it comes to making free calls.

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Posted by Herman Booysen - April 29, 2012 at 8:55 PM

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Nokia N9 Smartphone: A Rare And Elegant Phone

Nokia N9 is by far the most fascinating phone you will ever come across. Nokia N9 is a transition between the old Nokia and new Nokia which is planning to set the stage for Nokia Windows Phone. Like Nokia N8 and E7, the Nokia N9 has an industrial design which sets it apart from rest of the smartphone world, but unlike its predecessors Nokia N9 shoves off the old, banal Symbain operating system and uses MeeGo Harmattan software.

We finally got to see what this new innovative operating has to offer. We first came across this rare beast at Nokia’s introductory event that took place in June and although I was not expecting anything from the device I was completely stunned by the intuitive, responsive and fluid interface it had. And it was not just me; everyone who got their hands on it was simply blown away by its beautiful design and the fact that why Nokia was releasing only limited number of these rare beauties. Why only release a few, we asked? Because Nokia is set to shift its smartphone strategy to Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system before finally dismantling the MeeGo OS. Today we will be exploring this rare device as Nokia is going to ship a limited number of these around the globe for it not to interrupt the Nokia’s WP7 launch planned in the upcoming months.

This is nothing short of pure beauty. It is one of those devices that make you fall in love at first sight. Everything about this smartphone feels almost perfect and in harmony. With its squared off top and bottom, Nokia N9’s design looks more like the design of a supercar. Every stroke, ever curve is carefully designed and finished.

A single piece polycarbonate shell, this is what keeps Nokia N9’s electronics part and display under protection, not to mention that same case is used by Lamborghini Gallardo SuperLeggera as it offers immense amount of durability and reliability, the two main components for which Nokia is known for. Another intriguing fact about Nokia N9 is that all of its colors are made up of polymer that matches the external color meaning scratches won’t peel of any paint; rather you will only see more of the same blue, black or pink material.

As the phone comes equipped with Gorilla Glass screen this means it can undergo quite a lot of use and is very rugged. I still have found how to do substantial amount of damage to a Gorilla Glass screen. Beneath this protective screen is an anti-reflective polarizer with an AMOLED display of 854 x 480. Nokia N9 offers a huge 3.9 inch display with a pixel density of 251ppi which is the same as in 3.7 inch Nexus One or HTC Desire.

If you get a chance to see or use the Nokia N9 smartphone, you will most likely be as impressed as we were.

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Posted by Herman Booysen - April 14, 2012 at 2:56 AM

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Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Is Cooler, Better, Faster

Google has made another entry in the Android OS iteration, called the Ice Cream Sandwich. This new Android
OS is not just a mere update but rather a whole new operating system. Google previously released Android 2.3 Gingerbread which nothing but a little upgraded version of Android 2.2 but Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is a completely new creature.

Ice Cream Sandwich is profound and packed with whole new arsenal up its sleeves; you might as well drown in it within the first few minutes.

If you think you knew Android think again. It is not the Android you used to know – everything has been overhauled. Say goodbye to the old visuals and screens you used to see. Ice Cream Sandwich utilizes the Honeycomb tablet sensibilities including navigation buttons, darker colors, tabs for recent apps and a more poised look.

So what does Google aim for? Making an operating system that feels same whether you are using a tablet or smartphone, and Android seems to corroborate this goal. Take a glimpse of Gingerbread and Honeycomb in terms of functionality, Ice Cream Sandwich is more of visual overhauling of the OS’ design and organization and there are also significant additions to Android 4.0 which makes it different from its predecessors.

Speaking of design, the new Android OS seems more elegant, smart, simple and well balanced. From the new menu button to menu lists, from notifications pull-down to a more sophisticated settings menu, everything has been redesigned with diligence. You find most of the themes being repeated in most of the integrated apps.

The first thing that you will notice on Ice Cream Sandwich is the home screen, it is downright gorgeous. Google has also altered the typography and has introduced a new one called Roboto which gives a better and clearer view.
Apart from that you will also notice some minor changes on the home screen as well: for instance, you will see a transparent search bar, an icon for Google service and a stylized clock. And you can always create and name folders on the home screen by dragging apps upon one another.
As far as the camera goes Google has introduced the panorama feature. There were several Samsung and HTC cameras that had this feature but it’s now been introduced to the main stream. Along with panorama you have your standard camera and video modes as well.
One of the most interesting things are the integrated photo editing tools. Everything that is required for editing is there, cropping, eliminating red eye, lighting, face glow, rotating etc. along with all this there are tons of effects to choose from. Some of the effects include sepia tones, warmth etc.
We definitely vote Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich as a great evolution of the Android operating system.

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Posted by Herman Booysen - March 29, 2012 at 4:45 PM

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