Android Phone

With the steady development in the field communication, because of technology, mobile phones have replaced telephones. In fact the early feature mobile phones are also being replaced by high-end smartphones having various new, advanced and powerful applications and features. The smartphones are high in demand owing to its usefulness in various other purposes as well.

One such smartphone whose demand in market is high is Android phone. Android includes an operating system and middleware and key applications and is a software stack for mobile devices. An Android has a number of high-end features. It has an integrated browser that enables you to open source WebKit engine. You can reuse and replace the components in your Android with the help of application framework. Android also provides you SQLite for storage of structured data.

The hardware dependent GSM Telephony is also possible with an Android. Some other features include 3G, GPS, EDGE, Accelerometer, Bluetooth, Camera, Compass and Wi-Fi. It also has high media support as it has audio, video and still image formats. Android also has Dalvik virtual machine which has been optimized for mobile devices. Optimized graphics are also present in an Android. It also has a rich development environment. It has tools for debugging, memory and performance profiling, device emulator, etc.

Android has a number of useful travel applications. Tracking your trips, searching for a nearby trip, sending messages on Facebook and Twitter, etc. are also possible via Android. You can even view travel maps and plot camera pictures on map with your Android. With the help of travel applications you can download a travel guide in your Android. These applications are also available on internet. In case your mobile phone does not have it, then you can download it from internet.

“CRMdroid” is an Android application that is helpful in linking contacts, call history, et al. Thus it is a call-management application. The application in the Android called “Tagger” is useful for setting reminders, drawing graffiti, sending private messages and for location-based micro-blogging. For mobile security, Android has “IPCam Widget”. This application is also beneficial for snapshot capturing and live video streaming. A number of other potential innovative applications are also possible in an Android.

If you desire to buy a mobile that is more than just a device to attend and make calls, then opt for Android phone. With so many powerful features and advanced applications it is a highly useful mobile phone.