10 Most Desired Mobile Applications

Technology has penetrated into our lives very deeply. Today we live in a technology dependant world. From our basic chores to complex activities, we are dependent on one or the other invention of technology. With mobile becoming an integral part of our lives it is bound to have certain applications that make it more than just a device to make and receive calls. These mobile applications are easy to use and very helpful for various purposes. This article discusses certain mobile applications people wish to have in mobiles.

One of the most important application people will like to have in their mobiles is money transfer. This application will enable people to send money with the help of SMS service. A similar application called money payment is also a desired mobile application that will enable the user to make payments via mobile. However it will result in formation of highly fragmented market.

Another mobile application desired by people is Location Based Service. This mobile application will include all those applications that involve the GPS capabilities of your mobile. Mobile search is also a desired mobile application. Mobile search will provide unique technologies to the user for the purpose of searching instead of being depending on Web.

Near Field Communication is also one of the preferred mobile applications. This application enables wireless short range communication. This will enable a number of other mobile applications possible, such as mobile ticketing. Another desired mobile application is Mobile Instant Messaging. This application will have more appeal in developing markets.

Mobile browsing applications are also in the list of desired mobile applications. This means that the mobile web mass will increase as people using feature or low-end mobile phones will also join in. It is also beneficial for web developers as they will have to build more mobile web applications for different mobile platforms. Mobile Music is also a part of the list of desired mobile applications. This application will be present in models with both device and service bundles.

Another most desired mobile application is Mobile Health Monitoring. It will have an immense impact on developing market. This mobile application will provide health care services, monitoring products, solutions, etc. Mobile Advertising is also desired by people to be a mobile application. This will enable companies to promote their product to a wider audience. Along with print, radio and television promotion, mobile advertising will cater to a huge range of people.